Company Slogan

Farmer's basket

1 = "Our food begins and ends with FRESH"
2 = "From our basket, to your healthy hearts"
3 = "Let's eat farmer fresh"
4 = "Cultured for the on the go palate"
5 = "It's Giving back goodness"
6 = "A quick eat, for a fresh bite"

This is the only way to eat. There should be a standard for all food to be fresh, healthy and safe for the environment. Your vision makes a mark for all concessionaires to follow. The more fresh food is served, the healthier our society gets. Clearly you are doing good things for our belly so keep up the good stuff! :)


A healthy food and a balanced diet is a need and right of every individual on this planet earth. Considering the search a comfort food garnered with love, a husband and a wife thought of creating a platform that will put the search to an end for at-least a good food and contented with homemade touch. Goodwin Law accompanied with his wife Shandry, founded their first concept of Farmer’s Basket in Riverchase Galleria, Birmingham Alabama in 1998. So far the freshly prepare comfort food concept has spread across 9 locations in North East regions and generate approximately $8 million in total sales revenue. The brand, with their firm determination and a revolutionary vision to avail people with comfort food placed Farmer’s Basket concept to new heights of success and popularity among visitors. The founders have established presence of Farmer’s Basket by offering freshly prepared food with local ingredients. Their dedication and loyalty for comfort foods witnessed 17000 happy customers per week on an average basis. Farmer’s Basket is a concept to bring the fast casual food and comfort food together under same roof. It promises for daily fresh prepared food with traditional recipes made from local and farm ingredients procured by taking quality filters and majors to ensure good health and hygiene of its customers. Farmer’s Basket offers 40 plus menu items on tables of customers with daily rotation and its chef continuously work towards improving the dishes and items offered to its customers. We have adopted the go green methodology to impart our part in saving and nurture nature while nurturing the locals and others. We have adopted recycling, waste management and LED lighting to ensure welfare of environment. For us, Customer is Always First, we focus on customer service satisfaction and building a relationship beyond the business has uplifted Farmer’s Basket to a new level. Farmer’s Basket aims exceeding customer’s expectation with healthy and delicious food. At Farmer’s Basket, we are retreating the flavors of taste and goodness of food, come and join us!

Services Culture


S = Satisfaction through excellent “Customer Intimacy”
T = Teamwork Works!
A = Attentive and always go the extra mile
R = Relentless commitment to products quality and superior customer service
S = Smile :) you are on stage

From the back of the house to the front of house, FB believe, a great brand begins from great products to the consistency of great service. Train to exceed customer service such as receiving and handling products or change or receipt by both hands. Always greet the customers within 3 steps away with eye contact and smile. WELCOME Back the customers with “

Enjoy your food, hope to see you tomorrow :)”

Speed of Service

Customer experience and speed of service dictate the winners and Farmer’s Basket fully understands that speed of service will be critical in a high volume location in order for the concept to maximize revenue and manage concession flow of traffic and queuing time. Farmer’s Basket speed of service will ensure that every customer receives their order within 3 minutes from the time they order to receipt of their food. To accomplish this, Farmer’s Basket will utilize a touch screen POS system to assist staff management in meeting high volume operational needs. The system’s ease of use will lower staff training time and costs while increasing efficiencies.

Team Members will also have more time to listen and engage with each customer, before quickly closing out a transaction and printing receipt with the touch of a finger. The lifeblood of any restaurant is the return customer, and speed of service directly correlates with this dynamic, affecting overall sales and bottom line. Maintaining sufficient staff levels to manage the volume at the front of the house will be a top priority for the brand.

The Non-traditional or Airport quick-service industry is highly competitive and providing excellent and reliable speed of service will further distinguish Farmer’s Basket from the competitors. Farmer’s Basket will use training and technology as tools to constantly increase efficiency and speed of service.

Daily operational procedures will include measuring Team’s speed in delivering food to customers. Cashiers will greet customer within 30 seconds of arrival at concession, time for customer to study the menu. Within 30 to 90 seconds, orders are taken, change is given and the receipt is printed for customer. The order is tailored to the customer’s requests and delivered within three minutes after the order was processed. The total speed of service, from the time customer walk-in to walk-out is approximately 3 minutes.